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Navigating Global Economic Challenges:
Economic Resilience and Sustainable Development

The International Economic Conference of Sibiu (IECS 2024) invites students enrolled in university economics studies to submit their research papers for presentation at our appreciated conference. IECS provides a platform for students to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and propose innovative solutions to pressing economic challenges faced on a global scale.

IECS Students event will take place on May 23rd 2024, onsite.

No participation fee.

Keynote speaker from the Financial Supervisory Authority with the lecture – The Green Revolution: smart investments for profitable opportunities

Students can participate with a paper written and presented in English and must comply with the provided guidelines (click here to find guidelines). The papers need to be sent to the following email address:, until deadline May 14th, 2024.

All accepted papers will be published in the journal Revista Studenților Economiști Sibieni (The Journal of Economics Students) with ISSN 1584-4366, Participants will receive the program and a certificate of participation.

Papers can cover, but are not limited to, one of the following topics:

  • Digital Economy and FinTech
  • Business Administration
  • Management for Future
  • Marketing in Business
  • Sustainable Economics
  • Tourism Recovery and Development
  • Finance and Accounting for Public
  • and Private Organizations
  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Business Informatics for Current
  • Economic Environment

May 23rd, 2024

09.00 – 09.30

Registration of Participants

ULBS Faculty of Economic Sciences, room EM9

09.30 – 12.15

Conference Session

ULBS Faculty of Economic Sciences, room EM9

09.30 Iosif Antoniu-Ioan, Zafiu Larisa-Anamaria and Turcu Tudor – Consumer Behaviour in Times of Crisis and Marketing Resilience
09.40 Mihălțan Denisa and Petru Ariana – Strategies for Bridging the East-West Management Gap
09.50 Jeray Robert-Daniel and Moldovan Tudor-Octavian – Integrating Sustainability into Financial Reporting: ESG and Financial Reporting
10.00 Petrea Ioana – Economic Impact of Wearable Technology
10.10 Florea Alexandru-Sorin and Armean Adrian – IAS 40 Investment Property
10.20 Gliga Andreea-Alexandra, Cîndea Raluca-Maria and Simion Elida-Daniela – Circular Economy
10.30 Tudose Anca-Ioana and Toma Bianca-Elena – Sustainability reporting and IFRSs within Ecommerce industry
10.40 Fuiorea Ambra-Nicole and Muntean Anamaria-Codruța – The official economy versus the underground economy in Romania
10.50 Cozma Alexandra and Pavel Mihail – Evolution and Perspectives on Public Defense Expenditures in the Countries of the European Union
11.00 Șerbu Maria-Nicola and Teleabă Daria-Maria – Improving the management through teambuilding in organizations
11.10 Crăciun Patricia Ioana, Morozan Stefania Valentina and Stoica Iulia-Diana – Trends in the Literature on the Fiscal Policy of Romania and its neighbors – a Bibliometric Analysis Between 2000 and 2023
11.20 Săftoiu Elena-Denisa and Șerban Andreea – Analysis of the Public Procurement System in Romania in the Period 2016-2023
11.30 Pașca Mihaela-Andreea, Stănilă Adriana-Maria and Voicu Ioana-Diana – H&M and Tommy Hilfiger: Two approaches to customer service under the lens of “The customer is always right” philosophy
11.40 Plopeanu Claudiu-Ionel, Bărglăzan Alexandru-Ștefan and Tristiu-Ciortea Sorin – Trends In the Literature on the Deficit and Surplus of the State Budget in the European Union Member States – A Bibliometric Study from 2000 to 2023
11.50 Vârtei Mădălina – Green Finance: the Vanguard of Sustainable Economic Revolution in Big Green’s Era
12.00 Roșca Maria – Magdalena – Republic of Moldova and European Union 
12.10 Borza Andrei-Gabriel and Keresztely Antonio – Leadership Styles in a Culturally Diverse Environment
12.20 Mauro Maria Francesca Rosa and Reusch Sebastian – Comparative Analysis of Historic IFRS Development in Germany and Italy

12.15 – 12.30

Closing Remarks

ULBS Faculty of Economic Sciences, room EM9

12.30 – 13.30


ULBS Faculty of Economic Sciences, 17 Calea Dumbrăvii, Sibiu

14.00 – 16.00

SmartFIN@ISF Vocational Training Seminar & ASF Academic Laboratory

The Green Revolution: Smart Investments for Profitable Opportunities

Ieronim Ștefan (Institute Of Financial Studies) – The Role and Importance of Financial Education in Non-Banking Financial Markets
Paul Dumitru (Financial Supervision Authority) – The Green Revolution: Smart Investments for Profitable Opportunities
Rebeca Cercel (Groupama Asigurări) – Building Your Resume – How to Build Your Career Even Before It Starts

Aula Magna, ULBS Faculty of Medicine | Lucian Blaga Street, 2A